Seminars and Workshops

Wednesday Workshops at Boronia ChristadelphiansOur Bible Seminars and Workshops are held on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm, and anyone with an interest in the Bible is welcome. We have enjoyed a number of workshop series together. Everyone is welcome to attend and please bring a friend.

We want to fulfil our responsibility to share what we've learned with others. We are concerned for your salvation, but rest assured, we will not attempt to convert your way of thinking in these seminars. Rather we're committed to helping you discover the Bible's message for yourself. Your conscience and ours must be satisfied independently. For this reason we will avoid any debate of doctrine during class time, and stick to our goal of helping you read your Bible more effectively.

You can expect: a friendly atmosphere, a great supper,
a Bible focus — and it's all completely free.

Jul 19   Steven Harrington Why Christadelphians Believe in the Divine Creator
  26    Tim Harrington Genesis—Seed Bed of the Bible
(1) God, the Autor of the Inspired Bible
Aug 2   David Wallce  (2) The Creation of Heaven and Earth
  9   Andrew Galbraith (3) God's Purpose in the Creation of Man
  16   Martin Pitt "Why the Old Testament is Important"
  23   Graham Travers (4) The Temptation
  30   David Edwards "What the Bible says about the Second Advent"
 Sep 6   Trevor Snow "What the Prophets of Israel knew about the future"
  13   Tim Harrington (5) The Promise God Made  in Eden
  20   Ben Morgan "The Need for Baptism"
  27   Paul Morrison (6) Cain and Abel
Oct 4   David Wallace (7) The Flood and the Tower of Babel
  11   Andrew Galbraith (8) The Covenant Made With Abraham
  18   Gavin Buckley (9) The Birth of Isaac
  25   Rob Magennis "Why World War III will start in the Middle Ease"
Nov 1   Graham Travers (10) Abraham Offers Isaac
  8   Paul Morrison (11) Israel in Egypt
  15   John Boardman "The Holy Spirit"
  22   Andrew Galbraith (12) From Sinai to the Land of Promise
  29   Gary Beekman (13) The Times of Judges and Kings



Weekly Activities
Sunday School 9.15am
Memorial Service 10.50am
Bible Study Class   6.00pm


Bible Workshops 7.30pm
Monthly Presentation 7.30pm


Next Bible Seminar

Genesis—the Seed Bed of the Bible

(12) From Mount Sinai to the Land of Promise

From Sinai to the Promised Land
November 22

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