Boronia Christadelphians welcome you!

Christadelphians accept the Bible as the inspired word of God. We believe that it provides us with all we need to know to have a real hope in the future.

Boronia Christadelphians accept the Bible as the inspired Word of GodChristadelphians form a worldwide community of Bible students and believers trying to serve God in the closest way to that described in the Bible.

The Boronia Christadelphians would love to share the true hope and joy of the gospel with you.

Weekly Activities
Sunday School 9.15am
Memorial Service 10.50am
Bible Study Class   6.00pm


Bible Workshops 7.30pm
Monthly Presentation 7.30pm


Next Bible Seminar

Genesis—the Seed Bed of the Bible

(12) From Mount Sinai to the Land of Promise

From Sinai to the Promised Land
November 22

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